Assessment and Evaluations

We cover the following Assessments:

Cognitive Assessments

These are assessments that will allow a person to know their level of functioning. Such assessments are useful for children as well as adults. Often times when a child is struggling at school, an assessment may be requested. 

Emotional Assessments

In the case where a person is struggling emotionally or it is unclear what emotions a person is experiencing, emotional assessment may be requested or recommended. This is often combined with the cognitive assessment to obtain a holistic understanding of the person. This can be conducted on both children as well as adults.

Personality Assessments

This type of assessment is relevant for those who are struggling interpersonally or those who are not struggling but would like to know themselves better. Also personality assessments can be used as a diagnostic tool which may assist in the understanding as well as management and treatment of patients or individuals. Companies tend to request personality assessments for their candidates selections processes for suitability of a job applicant to a particular position. J.d.d Psych offers these services to companies or to individuals who requires such services.

Diagnostic Assessments

At times diagnostic assessment may be indicated for some patients. Assessment tools such as Beck’s depression inventory may be useful. We do offer these services in conjunction with other assessment tools that may be seen as relevant.

Other assessments JDD Psych offers, may have a specific focus:

E.g. Career assessment, neuropsychological assessment etc.