Corporate Package

JDD Psych offers companies and organisations both therapeutic interventions as well as assessment Interventions to individuals and groups within the company setting. 

At times a company or organisation may go through problem areas or group dynamics that may affect the productivity of the company.  At JDD Psych we offer company analysis of the emotional state within the workplace as well as identify problem areas that may beaffecting the company relations as well as hindering the effectiveness of the company.

Within this package we assist companies and organisations from different angles depending on the presented concerns of the workplace needs analysis that may need to be conducted with all relevant people within the company.

Some of the services we cover include the following:

  • We offer bereavement session/s at the workplace for all colleagues who may be experiencing grief following loss of colleague- individual sessions if indicated as well as group sessions with affected teams or groups within the workplace.
  • Trauma debriefing following traumatic experiences within the workplace
  • Preparing employees for change in the workplace (e.g. retrenchment plans, transformation plans, new management etc).

Please contact us for more information on how this package works as well as the price list for corporate package.