J.D.D Psych Consulting offers a variety of services. We believe in tailoring our services to suit our clients and patients.  JDD Psych would like to assist you with your needs.

We offer the following services:


We offer therapeutic approach to psychological and psychiatric disorders where we use multidisciplinary referral system in offering optimal management of difficulties. Services include individual therapy, couples therapy as well as group therapy.

Assessments and Evaluations

Our assessment division focuses on a variety of aspects. These include academic assessments, diagnostic psychological and psychiatric assessments; personality assessment; adoption evaluation; career assessment; and assessment for legal purposes and other mental health related assessments.

Training and Workshops

Sometimes there is a need for workshop for business growth and employee wellness. JDD Psych offers a variety of training and workshops to businesses, NGOs, sport teams, churches and other groups. For example, HIV/AIDS Workshops; Basic Counselling Skills, Assertiveness Training; Stress management workshops and others.

Public talks and community outreach services

JDD Psych has conducted several talks at functions and community settings aimed in psychoeducation as well as for inspirational and emotional uplifting. At JDD Psych we believe in building a nation of hope and a knowledgeable society.

Psychological Content writings and Media Involvements

JDD Psych offers psychological services within the written print work and media field. JDD Psych provides psychological content reviews in written content. For example, scripts that have a psychological or psychiatric part to it or print material. We also write articles as well as contribute on media platforms. This includes TV, Radio and magazines and newspapers. 

Employee  Assistance Programs & MDT Approach to Treatment & Management

JDD Psych offers corporate wellness for employees. This includes assessments, individual & group therapy. We also work collaboratively in a multidisciplinary way and this is done in association with other health professionals (e.g. social workers, GPs, psychiatrists, gynaecologists, dieticians, Occupational Therapists and nursing services etc). We are also associated with law firms, medical practices, non profit organisations as well as private companies. Our Multidisciplinary approach for treatment and management assist in ensuring that JDD psych offers optimal care and support for our clients and patients.