Premium Package

Making therapy convenient in a Safe, Private and confidential way

We offer a unique continuous psychological services to busy people and people who are continuously on the move, on the fast lane, business people, private people, Elite or Prestigious individuals who hold VIP status in their respective fields, politicians, people who hold high profile positions as well as people who may not be busy or may not hold high profile job but requires this type of service. This package covers all age groups.

All our services are highly confidential we do not leak private information of our clients or patients to any newsrooms or to media platform; everything that goes on in your life is kept private and confidential (hence we are not displaying names or pictures of people we have already given services to or are currently giving services to and we do not ‘’names drop” to our prospective clients as an advertising method) CONFIDENTIALITY is taken seriously in the service we provide to our clients and patients.

Depending on the package chosen within the premium package, we are able to see you or your loved one at the time convenient for you or for them. 

Some examples of people who can benefit from this package:

Individuals can opt for this package:

People in the public eye who feels they require high confidentiality and privacy for all that happens in their lives yet need psychological support or need assistance emotionally. Elite or Prestigious individuals who hold VIP status in their respective fields, dignitary individuals, Politicians, government officials, CEOs, managers, directors, people in busy lifestyle jobs or high profile jobs, or anyone who doesn’t hold prestigious status yet requires personalised psychological service to suit their lifestyle.

Parents can opt for this package for their kids:

Children can benefit from this option where we ensure that their emotional well beings are taken care of as needs arises. Sometimes mom or dad have to go away on work related trips or functions etc. Knowing that your child still has ongoing psychological support while you are away, offers assurance to a busy parent. Also we provide continuous psychological care for your child and if indicated, joint interventions with a parent at times convenient for parents in a private and confidential manner.

Elderly, retired individuals can choose this package:

Sons and daughters can opt for this package for their parents’ continuous care in retirement homes where parents can be visited to ensure that they are receiving continuous psychological care and emotional support. 

Housewives, and stay at home mothers or fathers can choose this option:

Sometimes you have lots of responsibilities at home and there is just no time, but there is need to have a continuous person to share your emotions with or someone who can help you think through issues, personal or marital issues without sharing your information or leaking information to media platforms.

Business people:

When you have emotional difficulties or psychological or psychiatric illness yet always on the move no time to visit our rooms or any therapist rooms, we can offer services at the time that is convenient to you. Even continuous services at locations agreed upon or even Skype services if need is indicated. 

Our premium package ensures that our clients and patients receive continuous psychological and emotional support while their lifestyle continues and is not interrupted or affected. Our premium package is based on the well researched theoretical framework of Erik Erikson’s psychosocial model, hence it covers all age groups.---feel free to read up on it for more clarity or this can be explained to you if you request the explanation during your first consultation.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We deal with all psychological and psychiatric issues EXCEPT forensic related cases as well as Conduct Disorder and Antisocial Personality Disorders or any cases related to murder or having criminal aspects implications. In the case where a patient or client is found to have any of the above mentioned difficulties, we refer that person to other colleagues who have the necessary experience to deal with such presenting problems.